Thursday, November 21, 2013

Announcement and Contest Rules………

Is it really almost 2014?!?!?  Sheesh!  What another amazing year I have had with my love for photography and people like you……my photog followers.   Whether you’ve booked with me or just follow my work, I really do appreciate you!!!   I thank you for building up my desire to pursue this photography world with all your kind words you’ve spoken to me during our sessions, out in public, e-mails and/or FB/messages.  It means more than you know.     =)
Earlier this year I had my first try with my “Book-o-Rama” scheduling process….. and it was a TOTAL success.  I literally filled up my calendar for all of 2013 (Jan-Dec) during the first week of January!!!  How does that happen????  Oh, it happens because of YOU!  It seriously flabbergasts me how many of you want mwah to take your pictures, both returning clients and newcomers.  I am truly blessed.    

So last year I promised myself to slow down in my photography to #1 build a more solid and trusting relationship with God and #2 to focus more time with my family……you know, to be a more “present-in -the -moment - kind-of-momma.”

So how did I do with my mission goals of 2013?  I can honestly look back and say I am pretty proud.  Yes, I failed many of times in both areas but I can say my relationship and trust in God grew more this year than ever.  In June of this year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and shared my personal testimony to family, friends and acquaintances to which I couldn’t have done without God by my side….encouraging me every step of the way. 
So with a deeper relationship with God along comes greater responsibility.  He is once again asking me to step outside of my comfort zone into the world of the unknown.  He has laid on my heart over the past year the openness to fostering a child.  EEEk!  To be honest this scares me in so many ways but I know in my heart it’s a calling from God and I completely trust that He will carry my family and I through this journey every step of the way.  Through the good, the bad and the ugly of what this will all entail. 

So with that said I will need a lot of time to focus on not only my family but also on our future foster child.  This means I am sort of putting a halt to my photography.  I will be finishing out my last 2-3 baby packages and any already scheduled sessions that I have talked to you about.  I will also be offering 3 sets of mini sessions in May, August and October of 2014 but that is it.  So be sure to watch my page for the announcement of how/when to book this.    
Guys, I can’t even describe in words how grateful I am for the chance to meet so many of you through this little hobby/side job of mine.  I am so honored by the loyalty of so many of you, my returning friends/clients.  I have come a long way in my continuous learning in the art of photography and I couldn’t have done it without YOU!  So for you, I am thankful.

Please know this a decision I didn’t take lightly and one I have been praying about for MONTHS.  Even though I know this is what’s best for me and my family, part of me feels like I am letting you down....especially my loyal clients.  So I ask for your understanding in this decision and pray that you see my heart in this decision. 
But here's how I'm {kinda} making it up to you.  Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to give back to y’all in some way.  I will be giving out 4 (16x20) photo canvases to 4 lucky people!!!  {YAY}  One of the three canvases is already spoken for and that is to one of my biggest “Connie Adkins Photography” fans out there.  It is a total stranger whom I have never met or spoken to but who has “liked” my work from the  very start of my FB page. 
I will announce this person along with the other 3 winners on Monday, December 2nd.  The other 2 canvases will go towards my current clients and 1 canvas will go to another lucky “Connie Adkins Photography” fan who has never had the chance to have a session with me.    

Contest Entry
Here’s how to enter.

E-mail me snapshot of a photo “display” you have in your home to (this can be one picture, a collage, a photo canvas, a card, etc.)

Current clients:  you obviously get brownie points if the picture/s are from a session we had together......Duh! =)
“Connie Adkins Photography” fans:  just send a snapshot of a "display" in general, that'll do, that'll do. =)  

You have until midnight of Thanksgiving Day on 11/28/13 to enter!
On Monday December 2, I will announce the 4 lucky winners of a (16x20) photo canvas.  Once you are announced that you are the lucky winner, you will send me a file of ANY photo you would like me to put on your canvas....{it does NOT have to be a photo from our session} and I will do the rest!!! 

I will order, purchase and have it mailed directly to your house……hopefully just in time for Christmas! 
It's that easy!  Just send a "picture of a picture" to me and I will randomly pick a winner.  Good Luck and Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your continued support! 

Connie Adkins  =)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Riley {3 months}

Miss Riley was on my schedule last December for a newborn session but unfortunately they had to cancel in order to get on schedule with this little Princess. 

Now that they are seeing more eye to eye we were able to meet up at 3 months old.  Riley will be a part of the baby package family as well. 

So today Riley was serious as all get out today.  Even with mommy, daddy and I making complete fools of ourselves she was a bit stingy with the smiles.  Good thing she is adorable as ever!!!

Thank you so much  family for choosing me & trusting me take Riley's' milestone pictures. Here are some of my faves: God Bless!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Randin {3 years}

Randin will always be near and dear to my heart as he is one of my childhood BFF's son. And not to mention he is as cute as a button. 

It is still a bit on the chilly side with the outdoors but that didn't stop Randin from taking his 3 year old pictures.  He even brought his new bunny along from some adorable photo the snow.

After chasing this 3 year old around for some smiles (while momma was sent off ) we enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents and our kiddos. 

Thank you so much Erin for choosing me & trusting me take Randin's pictures. Here are some of my faves: God Bless!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keegan {9 months}

Keegan still is on the record for one of the happiest babies ever.  I don't think I have ever really seen him cry and he is always full of smiles!!! 

Keegan is on the go at 9 months old and is crawling all over the place.  Hey, he's gotta keep up with his 3 other siblings right!?!?! 

Thank you so much Meyer family for choosing me & trusting me take Keegan's' milestone pictures. Here are some of my faves: God Bless!

Monday, February 25, 2013

{Winter Scenes}

I'm guilty. It was me who made you slow down on the country roads while I took some pretty snowy landscape pictures.

My 2 year old son, Jackson allowed me to drive around with him in the van while I enjoyed the scenery for almost a half hour.  Score!  =)


Friday, February 22, 2013

Miles {3 months}

Little handsome Miles is already 3 months old.  It feels like yesterday I was shooting his newborn pictures, for reals. 

Miles is such a happy little guy but mostly when momma is holding him close or when I make a complete fool out of myself with squeezing his giraffe toy (which I'm convinced is a dog toy...haha). 

Since they are part of the baby package family, sissy and daddy tagged along so we were able to snatch a good family photo. 

Thank you so much Brown family for choosing me & trusting me take Miles' milestone pictures. Here are some of my faves: God Bless!